Low back pain, headaches, and midback pain are the top reasons I see people in practice. There has been a lot of research lately assessing the effect of chiropractic care on headache intensity and duration, and the research has been very promising! Chiropractic care is proving to be a very effective method of treating headaches. 

A patient recently reported to me that she experienced headaches 3-4 times a week, she reported them as ‘normal headaches.’ I suggested to her that every headache is there to inform us that something is askew in our system. 3-4 headaches a week is not normal, nor are headaches just something to ‘live with.’ After completing her individualized treatment plan she reported her headaches had significantly reduced. 

If you are suffering from recurrent headaches perhaps its time to address the cause. 

How chiropractic care can help frequent headaches