Meet Dr Claire

Dr Claire Jeffery Chiropractor

Dr Claire ‘s journey with chiropractic began at the age of 5. Her mother was a strong believer in wellness and prevention. As such, Dr Claire’s introduction to chiropractic was not for pain or tenderness, it was to increase health. Chiropractic became a way of life for Dr Claire as she grew up. It was an ingrained understanding that what happens to the spine and nervous system affects the whole body, that health is best achieved when the nervous system is working in unison with the rest of the body. 
After completing her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology in 2000, Dr Claire left for Australia. While hiking in Tasmania, she sustained an injury to her back. The pain was unbearable and radiated into other areas of her body. After consulting medical doctors, Claire sought out a chiropractor as the pain was unrelenting. After a thorough examination, the chiropractic performed several specific adjustments and the pain started to subside immediately. It was this experience that helped Claire decided to pursue a degree in chiropractic.
She and her husband ran several successful clinics over the next 12 year period. Over a decade in practice later, Claire’s husband Charles was developing aching joints, practice was becoming a chore. They decided to move their family of 6 back to Australia where Claire began her Master of Physical Therapy degree. An unforeseen life event changed the course of Claire’s physical therapy degree. She took all the knowledge she had gained returned to Canada where she melded the concepts of chiropractic, physical therapy and her passion for holistic health care.  It was as if she had found her calling in practice, finding the root cause of disease using, a systems-oriented approach.
Each system in our body is interconnected. Pain does not occur without several other systems in our bodies being affected, nor is it the same in any two individuals. Health is absolute vitality, not the absence of disease or pain. This is the approach Dr Claire takes with each of her patients. 
When not in practice, Claire spends time with her 4 funny, energetic and fantastic kids. They mountain bike together, cook together and spend as much time outside as possible. Claire is also an avid yoga practitioner and life-long learner.